Trick to fall asleep in 1 minute

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Trick to fall asleep in 1 minute

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There’s a trick this allows you to fall asleep within a minute. You don’t need to have anything and you may apply that sleep trick straight. You most likely sleep within a minute! An simple and very efficient way of relaxing and relaxing by applying particular breathing techniques.

The respiration is special body function because it runs both auto_matically and functions on its personal but can also be consciously controlled. The four-seven-eight technique uses the conscious drive to unwind the body.

The four-seven-eight sleep trick

  • Take a comfortable position.
  • Place the tip of your tongue against the back of the upper tooth throughout the exercise
  • Breathe in the mouth for four seconds
  • Hold the breath for seven seconds
  • Breathe fully through the mouth with a sssshhh sound
  • Repeat that cycle four times in complete


  • Maintain the tongue in place as well
  • Breathe in with abdominal breathing to optimize oxygen absorption
  • Do that exercise two-three times a day
  • Use the four-seven-eight sleep technique