NO.1 REVIEW# RAGU RG-01 Video Projector REVIEW

Excellent high quality multi-use video projector

I have been wanting a video projector for outside use and for the house.  My family likes to go on camping journeys and with multiple sites as well as a night time, time film could be wonderful to have playing.  The RAGU RG-01 is really a amazing fit for what I could be using it for.

Surprisingly this projector isn’t overly heavy and even though it doesn’t have a bag or case it is going to be simple enough to transport around.  It’s a 720P and can help till 1080P video.  My favorite part about this projector is the capability to make use of it with a lot of multimedia platforms.  With the HDMI adapter, you’ll be able to simply hook a Macbook or PC till it.  In case you do use the Macbook you ought to have an HMDI adapter al-ready because this does not include it.  You may also use your tv, TV box, gaming consoles, media players, USB, SD card, tablets, and even your phone.  For phone streaming, you ought to have a WIFI dongle.

RAGUVideoProjector 6 - NO.1 REVIEW# RAGU RG-01 Video Projector REVIEW

RAGU RG-01 Video Projector

Should you’re like me and enjoy an simple, effortless setup, this really is the projector for you personally.  I didn’t look in the guide and had this playing within 5 minutes.  In case you know how to hook leads in al-ready then it’s basically plug and play.  Probably the most time was definitely spent on having the place to set it up.  I ended up setting it in the two.five-meter space inside my house to project on the white wall.  I connected the HDMI lead into the projector and used an HDMI adaptor lead to connect it to my Macbook Pro.  I would say the viewing screen size ended up being around 70 inches.  I adjusted the lens a small to concentrate the picture and was very impressed with the overall high quality of the picture.  The sound high quality is excellent for house use but for the outside area I’ll most most likely be setting up a few of extra speakers with it for a more around sound effect.

The farther away projector screens go the much less excellent screen high quality it has.  That being said I did pull it back to see how it might hold up if we make it the whole wall.  It didn’t lose a lot of the high high quality look that it has.  I’ve seen a great number of projectors that look dreadful to where I’m very impressed by the picture this 1 has.  There are actually easy buttons on the top that can help with controls but in case you’re using a pc it appears more easy to make use of that in-stead.  This also does not that it’s not intended to make use of for powerpoint presentations or school.  I would need to agree inside a sense that it could be stupid to waste such excellent high quality on some powerpoint slides.

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Overall, I’m very impressed with this projector and I’ll get tons of use out of it.  My son is fond it because he threw a blanket and pillow on the ground and watched some Pokemon.  So even when you’re searching for something cool to let your child watch films on at house this could be a strong selection.

RAGU RG-01 Video Projector REVIEW

Projector, RAGU RG-01 Projector 1280*768 Resolution Support 1080P Video for Home Movie by USB HDMI VGA SD AV

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Producing your very personal house entertainment system doesn’t have to become expensive or difficult. In-stead of investing inside a enormous TV, you are able to purchase an affordable projector system so that you simply can watch films on a large screen at house-even in your personal backyard.

No frills – Projector that Packs a Punch
This RAGU RG-01 Projector is 2016 New Released Projector on Amazon, specially designed for House Entertainment. The project provides a high-resolution, high-brightness picture. Resolution is 1280×768, whilst the brightness is 3000 Lumens-no exaggeration.

Go For Large Screen
Whilst the screen can prolong from 60 inches to 120, we recommend that you simply use a projection distance of two.five meters, which will give you a nice 80-inch screen. Purchasing a physical screen this big can price over £1,000..

Resolution: Native 1280*768, Help HD 1080P
Brightness: 3000 Lumens
Picture Size: 60~120 inches
Projection Distances: 1M~6M
Aspect Ratio four:three/16:nine Native
Displayable Colors:1.67 Million
Keystone Correction: ±12°Vertical
Product Dimension:34.five*23.five*ten.5cm

1. Whilst the RAGU RG-01 Projector is optimized to supply fantastic house entertainment at an affordable price, it’s not recommended for use in company environments.
two. Despite the fact USB drive is supported with the projector, Dolby sound can’t be played through USB. To do that, you will require to connect the USB to your personal computer, and connect pc with projector via VGA lead.
three. To accomplish better heat dissipation and prolong the bulb’s lifetime, the fan makes noise when cooling down the machine. Please sit 1 meter away from projector, your film experience won’t be affected.

1 x RAGU RG-01 Projector
1* US Power Adapter 
1* Remote Control
1* AV leads & Screws
1* HDMI Lead 
1* VGA Lead 
1* User Guide

  • 1. A True Huge Screen Experience: Why spend £ten for a film ticket when you are able to enjoy a film on a large screen right at house? This projector provides a screen size of 60-120 inches, counting on your needs. With 1280×768 resolution, you may watch your favorite films in high-definition.
  • two. Multi-Media Capacity: This video projector can connect to a large range of devices, inclusive PCs, laptops, Game Thrones, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and more. This suggests that you simply can play video games, work, and watch films and TV on a huge screen. (Note that you simply could require a WiFi display dongle for mobile devices plus a HDMI connector for Mac computers.)
  • three. Energy Saving: The RAGU Projector doesn’t suck up a great number of energy like other projectors. Using the latest SmartEco LED technology, the projector’s LED lamp lasts more than 30,000 hours whilst reducing energy consumption by 30%.
  • four. Customize Your Experience: With the projector, you may project towards the front, rear, or ceiling. This suggests you may place the projector in quite a few places: in the backyard, on a desk, or hung from the ceiling. A big, clear picture projects in all locations when it is dark.
  • five. Guarantee: When you purchase this RAGU projector, you got a complete 12-month guarantee. If something breaks, or you are just not pleased with the product, you may simply got a re-placement or refund. We reply to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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List Price: £199.00

Price: £199.00

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