NO.1 REVIEW# Nixplay Iris 8″ Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review

NO.1 REVIEW#Nixplay Iris eight″ Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review – The Most Beautiful Frame Ever

A digital photo frame have been inside my wishlist for a very long time because there are actually a great number of beautiful seconds that I wish to share with others. I’ve thousands of pictures and obviously, I’can’t print all of them and place them in traditional photo frames.

I was a small hesitant to shop for a digital 1 because I heard numerous complaints of the frames, moreover, the majority of them are made by Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, the new Nixplay Iris eight″ is just my 1st digital photo frame and I was so excited to test it out.

Unboxing & Initial Setup

Features & Performance

The Nixplay Iris comes from NIX, a very well-established brand in the category. When you search for digital photo frames on Amazon, you are going to see a great number of products from the manufacturer and some are even picked as Amazon’s selection. Therefore, I was quite confident that the new Iris could be one more fantastic product.

In terms of design, this really is most likely probably the most handsome digital frame ever. It looks more like a traditional frame and much less like a tablet with LCD display. I definitely adore the thick bezels coming in burnished bronze. You are able to also get other colour options like silver or peach copper.

nixplay iris 4 - NO.1 REVIEW# Nixplay Iris 8″ Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review

The frame also introduces a new lead stand that’s bendable. It looks wonderful and quite a few persons is going to be wondering why the frame could stand on its personal with out a real stand. On the other hand, I don’t definitely like the stand because it’s not stable enough. Getting said that, it needs to be all right as long as you don’t tip it over.

nixplay iris 2 - NO.1 REVIEW# Nixplay Iris 8″ Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review

Unlike others, the Nixplay Iris is named Wi-Fi cloud frame because you’ll be able to share pictures straight from your smartphone or from on-line services like Instagram, Facebook, Google Pictures, Dropbox or Flickr. All pictures are stored on NIX’s personal cloud storage, you are going to have 10GB of free storage. The frame supports JPEG, JPG, and PNG file kinds, so you are going to have no issue showing thousands of pictures on the frame. I definitely adore that I’can add pictures from my smartphones simply, and I’can also invite friends or other loved ones to add new pictures towards the frame.

nixplay app - NO.1 REVIEW# Nixplay Iris 8″ Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review

A downside of the frame is that you simply can’t add, produce or edit album on your mobile devices. You are going to need to have to entry the Nixplay webpage on your personal computer to edit your album, as well as set up on-line services to retrieve your pictures.

One more shortcoming is that the Iris frame doesn’t use the Hu-Motion sensor as found on the Seed or Edge frames. That sensor can detect movements and turn on/off the frame auto_matically. The Iris frame uses an activity sensor in-stead, it just can turn on/off the frame based on the ambient background sound level. I set the sensor sensitivity quite high but the feature doesn’t work at all, it just wouldn’t wake up or power off the frame auto_matically. Therefore, I usually need to schedule the frame and turn in on/off manually.

nixplay iris 5 - NO.1 REVIEW# Nixplay Iris 8″ Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review

Happily, the light sensor works wonderful and it manages to Change the brightness of the display according towards the room’s lighting condition.

In terms of picture high quality, the display has the resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels on an eight-inch screen. It’s not definitely sharp and has an average viewing angle. Obviously, it doesn’t have a gorgeous display as found on your smartphone or tablet, on the other hand, it’s bright and clear enough as long as you don’t examine it closely.

nixplay iris 3 - NO.1 REVIEW# Nixplay Iris 8″ Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review



  • Beautiful design
  • Works with famous on-line services
  • Very good picture high quality


  • The activity sensor doesn’t work well

Overall, the Nixplay Iris is amongst probably the most higher level and beautiful digital photo frames on the market in the second. It could be great if the activity sensor worked like advertised.

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