BEST REVIEW# VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker Review – A Perfect Alternative?

VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker Review – A Ideal Alternative to Sonos?

Vizio isn’t my favorite audio brand in the U.S. but I definitely appreciate that they maintain introducing the newest features to their product lineup. The VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro is 1 of a couple speakers on the market offering the Chromecast built-in feature and it’s regarded the great alternative to Sonos speakers. Let’s see how the speaker performs.

Unboxing Video

Design & Features

The product packaging is Beautiful easy as there are actually just the speaker and user guide inside. On the other hand, it took me a small more efforts to do the unboxing since the speaker is relatively heavy. It weighs about 14 lbs and the size is Beautiful large. This really is clearly not a portable speaker and intended to stay in 1 place, it’s also required to become plugged in as there’s no integrated battery.

vizio crave pro speaker 5 - BEST REVIEW# VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker Review – A Perfect Alternative?

I used a Vizio product prior to, which was a soundbar, and it looked Beautiful dull and cheap. The Vizio Crave Pro completely changes my impression of the brand with its beautiful industrial design and premium build high quality. Obviously, Vizio has stepped it up and the speaker looks more like an upscale product now. I adore each touch of the speaker, inclusive the satin aluminum finish on the bottom grille, the material-wrapped mesh, and the beautifully-crafted dial on top. You may rotate the dial to Change volume, tap on in to play/break, or swipe left/right to skip tracks.

vizio crave pro speaker 2 - BEST REVIEW# VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker Review – A Perfect Alternative?

vizio crave pro speaker 1 - BEST REVIEW# VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker Review – A Perfect Alternative?

I’m definitely impressed with the minimal design of the Vizio speaker. There are actually no unnecessary ports and buttons like other products, you are able to only find the power button, a USB port and an Ethernet port on the back. The only worry is that the power cord is non-removable, so you won’t be capable to replace it by your self in case it’s broken.

vizio crave pro speaker 4 - BEST REVIEW# VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker Review – A Perfect Alternative?

vizio crave pro speaker 3 - BEST REVIEW# VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker Review – A Perfect Alternative?

Numerous persons are thinking about in between the Crave Pro and the Sonos speaker, I find the Crave Pro is even more feature-very rich. You don’t need to have a house Wi-Fi network because it can also stream music via the Bluetooth four.1 connection. On the other hand, I’d recommend you to make use of the built-in Chromecast (Google Cast) feature because it delivers a more dependable connection, a better audio high quality, and it doesn’t drain out battery of your smartphone. You even can turn off your smartphone and use the touch dial to control music.

In the second of writing this review, the companion Vizio SmartCast app has just been up to date and it features a simplified homepage and navigation. On the other hand, you are able to only cast audio via some supported apps only, inclusive Spotify, Youtube Music, and Google Play Music. I attempted to watch videos on Youtube or Hulu and cast audio towards the Vizio speaker but it was unsuccessful. The only solution is to make use of Bluetooth but you won’t be capable to pair multiple speakers with this connection.

vizio smartcast - BEST REVIEW# VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker Review – A Perfect Alternative?

Vizio SmartCast app

The very best feature of the Chromecast built-in speaker is, of course, multi-room pairing. Un-fortunately, I don’t have an extra Vizio speaker to test the feature.

Audio High quality

I’ve tested hundreds of wireless speakers but only a few of them could impress me. The Vizio SmartCast Crave Pro is the largest and also the very best-sounding 1. I usually play music over Wi-Fi for the very best high quality. Despite the fact it comes in 1 piece, it’s seriously a two.1 speaker system with dual subwoofers for a superior bass reply. Check out the sound test in the video underneath, the sound can’t be accurately reproduced but you have an idea of the sound signature and its power.

Make sure to lower the volume level prior to turning on the music because this really is a very very strong speaker. It’s boasted to deliver till 102 dB of volume, which is in the exact same range as the expensive Devialet Phantom speakers. Surprisingly, Vizio managed to pack the exact same dense sound at a fraction of the price. I had a chance to test the Devialet Phantom White and the Vizio Crave Pro seriously has a very similar sound signature.

The Crave Pro can simply fill my apartment with music, I usually set the volume level lower than 50% because the speaker is just too very strong. The bass was a small muddy inside my little living room, happily, you are able to Change the bass and treble in the app. The bass is seriously very deep and you are going to definitely enjoy it when looking at action films, the rumbling sub-bass makes you really feel like you’re sitting inside a theater.

Notably, the soundstage of the speaker is extraordinary. Prior to testing it, I do know the soundstage could be fantastic but honestly, I’can’t picture the stereo imaging could possibly be that spacious. When I close my eyes and listen to music, I believe I sit in front of a real two.1 sound system. Vizio definitely did a wonderful job in designing and arranging the drivers to extend the soundstage.

Overall, the sound targets audience who prefers a warm and complete sound. The quantity of boosted bass and very strong volume can literally shake your room, specially when you play rock or EDM tracks. On the other hand, the speaker doesn’t cause fatigue when I listen to music inside a long time period, thanks towards the clear mids and highs. The mids are still very present whilst the highs aren’t recessed considerably like other cheap speakers. The end result is definitely an magnificent and delightful sound for house use.



  • Industrial design
  • Supports both Bluetooth and Chromecast
  • Enables for multi-room setup
  • Fantastic and very strong sound


  • Unremovable power cord
  • Can’t cast audio from video streaming apps like Youtube or Netflix

The VIZIO Crave Pro is amongst the very best wireless speakers I’ve ever used. It’s just a excellent solution for your house since you may enjoy amazing tunes with out wires and complicated setups. You are able to simply extend the system by adding more Crave Pro or Crave 360 speakers, then you’ll be able to listen to music in each and every corner of your house.

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