The Best Electric Shavers

The Best Electric Shavers by Braun

The Best Electric Shavers by Braun

Braun Series 7 790cc with Pulsonic Shaver System 257x300 - The Best Electric Shavers by Braun

Best Electric Shavers by Braun

Best Electric Braun Shavers – With so many electric razors on the market today, you may feel overwhelmed while trying to find the best one. It is important to learn all you can about the available options, however, to identify a shaver that directly addresses your unique needs. Since the fifties, Braun has led in the pack in creating a modern electric shaver with an oscillating cutting apparatus. Here are a few options to consider from the current lineup. – Braun Electric Shavers for Men

The revolutionary sonic engineering using 10 thousand micro vibrations will help grab a lot more facial hair than the competitors. Your best shave ever is possible with a Braun electric shaver. All Series shavers with Series 7, Series 5, Series 3 and the CoolTec series, you can find the closest and smoothest shave you will need with an electric razor.

Braun Trimmers happen to be completely made within Germany as well as incorporate some of the best advanced technology and design you can find in an electric shaver. You can also appreciate the ease with the innovative razor Clean & Renew system ability. Instantly charges, washes, lubricates the blades and dries the shaver as well with the touch of the button. Check out the Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Mens Shaver Review for more details on the advanced Clean & Renew system Shaver. No wonder their electric trimmers are one of the best shavers a man can buy!

The Braun Electric razor is the first line of defense against a five o’clock shadow for men just starting to shave. A thin foil shield covers the high-speed cutting element to provide a close shave while minimizing the chance of nicks and cuts. In addition to the main shaving element, this shaver includes a convenient trimmer for precise detail work. An LED battery indicator lets you know when the 20-minute cutting time is running down to zero, so you never get caught halfway done. When you’re finished shaving, you can clean up by washing the cutting blades under running water or use it’s innovating advanced cleaning, recharging, drying and lubricating Clean & Renew system. Check out the article post – Features Found On The Best Braun Electric Razors


Braun 7 Series

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Braun brings the best in technological advancements and materials for theirSeries 7 electric razors. There are three amazing variants in this model line to provide users with a personalized device.


Braun 5 Series

comp series 5 5090s x cdn en 1 - The Best Electric Shavers by Braun

The Series 5 model line from Braun features three individual devices with slightly different traits. The models also share many of the same elements that define the shavers, such as the Ultra Active Lift system…


Braun 3 Series

comp series 3 380s 4 front x cdn en 1 48x139 - The Best Electric Shavers by Braun

Braun’s popular Series 3 electric razor collection offers six separate models with slight feature variances. Although the variations are minimal, each model’s included features closely align each razor…


Braun Cooltec

bruan cooltec ct2 s - The Best Electric Shavers by Braun

Braun’s CoolTecprovides an exceptional shaving experience when it comes to a man’s sensitive skin. CoolTec is actually a cutting edge new dry electric shaver that has the ability to take out the heat…


Finding the Best Electric Braun Shavers –

The Series 7 –

The Braun Series 7 Electric Shavers introduced to the lineup to provide faithful users with the most personalized shaving device yet. This shaver offers three separate modes (normal, intensive and extra sensitive), which cater to your skin’s changing needs on demand. The motor produces 10,000 micro vibrations per minute that help the ActiveLift system gently guide even the most stubborn of hairs into the cutting element. You can flip up the precision trimmer to create key details in your current look. You never have to worry about picking up your shaver at a low charge with the comprehensive Clean & Renew system. In addition to charging your shaver, this station cleans, dries and lubricates the blades.

braun2 278x300 - The Best Electric Shavers by Braun

Best Electric Braun Shavers

The Series 5 –

The Braun Series 5 Electric Razors was created to protect sensitive skin from irritation while providing the closest shave possible. The combination of a stronger motor and new cutting element improvements allows you to use less pressure and make fewer passes during each shaving session. The MicroMotion system controls the way the unit steers across your skin to reach hairs hiding in the contours. The MacroMotion system swivels the head around to capture all of the hairs your cheeks, jaw line and neck. Both of these features work with the new foil system that lifts up hairs to place them all into range of the cutting element. When you’re done with each shave, click the unit into the Clean & Charge station to ready it for the next shaving session.

The Series 3 –

The Braun Series 3 Electric Shavers – developed to meet the needs of users who want it all. To start, the wet/dry variants of this shaver operate equally well in both wet and dry applications. You can use this unit to obtain a close shave with your favorite shaving cream in the shower or run it over your dry skin in front of the mirror. Either way, a high-tech triple foil cutting blade system provides a clean, close shave without irritating your skin. The unit comes with a locking head and long hair trimmer to make reaching tight spots a breeze. With the LED display, you’ll never have to guess when the Ni-MH battery needs a charge or the unit requires a quick wash under the tap or in the Clean & Renew system.

The CoolTec –

The Braun CoolTec Electric Razors eliminates that heat for a perfect shave without the discomfort. As you shave, your skin may grow more sensitive by the minute as the shaver heats up from the running motor. You will immediately notice an absence of facial redness and irritation after using this shaver. The cooling sensation is achieved using a combination of ceramic and aluminum elements to remove heat and soothe your skin. Despite the shaver’s gentle touch, the three stage cutting system and SensoBlade technology will provide you with the closest shave you’ve ever experienced. The case is waterproof, so you can wash the cutting element in running water or even use the shaver in the shower. Best Electric Braun Shavers